Why Social Shopping?

  • What is Social Shopping (Commerce)?

    True Social Shopping or Social Commerce is when a group (of friends, family, strangers, business partners or alliance partners) buys or sells socially (together), while still enjoying or providing a personalized and targeted experience. To simplify, social commerce brings ecommerce activities directly into social media platforms.

  • Shopping is fun in real world

    Shopping is like a conversation – the more friends you involve & shop together, the more fun & engaging it becomes. That’s where we come in. Unlike E-Commerce, Foop a Social Shopping network helps users to involve friends and families in buying process, sharing ideas, giving opinions, trying out new stuff & building one’s own social quotient. This is what makes social shopping fun, just like offline shopping that’s usually not done alone.

  • Social Group shopping

    Buying together reduces the cost and risk. We have created Foop as the one place where you can build your very own social groups (of business / alliance partners, friends, family or even strangers) to shop together, while saving lots of money, from the comfort of your chair.

  • How does social shopping works?

    Jasmine is looking for headphones on Foop. She finds a great set but she sees the seller’s offer that if she buys 5 sets, she will get an additional 30% discount. She needs only 1 set for herself, so she invites her brother Jacob, and her friends Aman, Chris & even a stranger out of Foop Network to buy the other 4. Together the 5 use the seller’s bulk offer, each getting a discount of 30%.

Social Shopping

  • Shop your needs together with other connected people.
  • Reduce your bying cost by shopping along with others
  • No need to always bring in your friends and family: they can join you from wherever they are
  • You can shop along with your foop connected strangers too

Family Shopping

  • While your family shops, you pay for them
  • Same like real world, your child may buy but you pay
  • Buy along with your family members, side by side
  • Give your opinion from where ever you are.


  • Add, Manage and grow your distributor network like never before
  • Connect with new regional and zonal distributors.
  • Communicate schemes, offers to current distributors seamlessly.
  • Receive purchase orders, bill them individually and and collect payment using our awesome platform.

Be an Influencer

  • Engage your retailers, know your tertiary sales like never before
  • Communicate schemes, offers, incentives to retailers directly.
  • Know the exact consumer buying demographics
  • Get regional, zonal lat-long based retail reports instantly.

Resell with No Inventory

  • Filter, select and sell your products using our billing interface.
  • Segment your consumers and give dynamic discounts.
  • Split orders between employees, stores etc.
  • Receive digital and cash payments  and manage credit of your customers.

Direct Offers

  • Know your exact customers, retain them through your retail channel
  • Enable an omni-channel experience for your customers
  • Provide personalised offers even for a single customer

Custom Pricing

  • Initiate delivery requests and track their statuses.
  • Manage primary, secondary and tertiary movements of orders.
  • Auto updation of delivery status.
  • Track and monitor the geo based movement of your orders.

Social Loyalty

  • Add, Monitor and Manage your Inventory
  • Track inventory movement on all levels.
  • Get “out of stock” reports and notifications.
  • Generate orders, monitor status and receive payments dynamically.

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